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Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. — Wendell Phillips

Protecting your Personally Identifiable Information

This week I want you to think about how vulnerable you are when you are in public. When you go to a restaurant, bar, or even a class, think about what others are looking at and noticing. When you leave the table, do you take your phone, tablet, laptop and keys with you? Do you make a habit of putting your phone on the table when you get somewhere so that you can see if you get a message or a call? Do you leave your wallet on the table, your purse on the floor or the back of your chair? Do you leave your wallet or possibly a gun in your coat pocket hung over the back of a chair? What about at the office? What about at home?

If you do not trust everyone implicitly that could come in contact with your private items in the location you are at, then you need to be aware of what you leave for them to interact with. Think about taking it with you, not having it there in the first place, or locking it up.

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