Privacy and Security News and Tips 20160412

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Weekly Tip

Protecting your Personally Identifiable Information

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday, and this week we had a major announcement from Microsoft. They announced that Flash content in Edge browser would now me click to play instead of auto playing like they have been in the past. This is a major step forward for online safety as Adobe was forced to release an out of band update for Flash to address yet another critical vulnerability. Flash has outlived its safe and useful existence and should be used with extreme caution.

My tip for this week has to do with updates and patching. If you are a Windows user, make sure you configure updates to cover all Microsoft applications and to automatically install all critical updates. and to at least notify you of other updates. It is best practice to install all updates when they become available. Also make sure you are updating your browsers since you are using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. If you do have Flash installed, make sure to keep it up to date as well.

Interesting News

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