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Law-abiding citizens value privacy. Terrorists require invisibility. The two are not the same, and they should not be confused.Richard Perle

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Protecting your Personally Identifiable Information

In this ever changing time, and with the constant influx of social media platforms to choose from, everyone is likely to find something that intrigues them. We have Twitter for short thoughts, Facebook for long ones, Periscope for videos, Instagram for photos, and numerous other for everything under the sun.

If you are one to flock to a certain platform, or even multiple platforms, be aware and ever vigilant with your privacy, security, and safety as well as that of your family. Each and every platform has some level of privacy and security setting that will allow you to control what information is used and shared with other users, the platform, and possibly their affiliates. This information can be your location, your shopping and/or browsing habits and history, your posts, your photos, your personal information such as name, address, phone numbers, and email address(es). If you do use social media, put some thought into what you do want to share, and make sure to fully explore all of the settings and options for the platform(s) you choose so that you can remain as safe and secure as possible while still participating in the social expanse.

As always, your privacy and security are up to you to control. And while it takes time now, and on a regular schedule to maintain said privacy and security, the peace of mind and the knowledge that you and your family are less likely to be a victim is well worth it.

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